Reparatur PowerPoint

  • Reparatur schwer beschädigten oder korrupten PowerPoint-Präsentation Dateien problemlos
  • Beschädigt PPT, PPTX-und PPS-Dateien auf Windows 7, Vista und XP-Fix
  • Unterstützt die Reparatur von PowerPoint 2016, 2019, 2003, 2007 und 2010 Dateien

Wie Sie reparieren Korrupt PowerPoint File?

Reparatur PowerPoint 2003 , 2007 und 2010 Datei beschädigt infolge unsachgemäßer Installation von Microsoft Office. Fix PowerPoint-Präsentation Dateien beschädigt durch Virenbefall oder unsachgemäße Schließung der PowerPoint-Anwendung. PowerPoint-Repair Tool hilft, PPT, PPTX Dateien zu reparieren und in den Prozess gewinnt alle Arten von Daten in der PowerPoint-Datei wie Bilder, Videos, Kopf-und Fußzeilen usw. Die Vorschau-Funktion in der PowerPoint-Reparatur-Software im Lieferumfang enthalten bei der Evaluierung der Software auf Basis hilft die erzielten Ergebnisse. Fix PowerPoint-Dateien durch Virenbefall beschädigt, nachdem Antivirus ausfällt, um das Virus in den PC zu erkennen. PPT-Dateien beschädigt aufgrund der Anwesenheit Add-Ins können auch unter Verwendung PPT-Reparatur-Software behoben werden

Reparatur PowerPoint 2007 PPT, PPTX, und PPS-Dateien nach dem Stromstoß beschädigt oder durch unsachgemäße Einsparung. Reparatur PowerPoint 2010 Präsentation Dateien beschädigt oder gebrochen aufgrund von Fehlern bei der Anwendung oder durch unsachgemäße Erholung nach dem abrupten Abschaltung der PowerPoint-Anwendung. Die PPT File Repair Dienstprogramm ist kompatibel mit Windows 7, Vista, XP und Windows Server 2003, 2008. Diese Nur-Lese-Software sorgt für die Sicherheit der Daten in der PowerPoint-Datei und stellt alle Attribute aus der beschädigten Datei

Bedarf: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Jan Shand: Clearly Amazing .. I have watched so many videos on this .. Yours makes so much sense. I never once had to stop and rewind so I could listen again and again. ThankYou Crystal clear explanation!4

xja6716: Hi, I hope any one can help me, checking the battery/alternator I have notices that when the engine is runing the multimeter (at battery) reads 14.3-14.5 V but suddenly the voltage drop dramatically to 2-3 V but almost instantly get back to 14.3-14.5 V, do you know the possible root cause? Hopping you can help me...

Roberto Maldonado: That is just a test, bu a friend of mind got stucked at the middles of the street and the mechanich told him that was the alternator that stopped work. How to diagnos a bad alternator in this case -- Symptoms or signals?

scientist100: My car reads 14.2 when the alternator is running, but when the fans kick every 5 seconds, it drops to about 12.7 and then comes back up quickly. The battery does not appear to be charging enough, I turn the car on and when I drive it, the voltage on the battery is not a lot. I cannot explain why this is happening, it gets better when I change the battery, it lasts about 1 year and it starts all over again. This is on a Honda Accord 2008 EXL.

BusterHymen61: Excellent video for DIY'ers! YT is an excellent option for fixing cars! Have faith people,YOU CAN DO IT! To hell with $100+/ hr. Labor rates! And nothing is better than a little pride from doing it yourself!

Mark Keyser: Very well done video! Have you ever seen a main power fuse 'blow' because power output of the alternator has reached 15V? Also, is there a 'signal' sent by the ECM to the regulator that tells the regulator to increase or decrease the voltage?

First Avengers: This gentlemen give really the best explanation how things should be going on. Thank you and go bless you!

Mike's Garage: I have a 95 Eclipse, all I get is crank, no start. I have done the following, new crankshaft sensor, new timing belt, new starter, new battery, new fuel pump w relay, new coil wires, ASD relay which is the (Auto Shutdown Relay, same as fuel pump relay) keeps shutting off after a few cranks, STILL NOTHING. Should I also change the Alternator, camshaft sensor and coil pack? I have spark. I have not checked for fuel compression yet. PLEASE HELP asap

marcus porter: Here's something: try to find someone who has a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 and see if the stuff works here.

triplex triplexxx: hey my alternator charges 15.3 v changed new regulator nothing changed what could be issue there help ?

mckoy lach: I have a 01 Camry,it’s a 4 cylinders. Question regarding the three wires connector at the back of the alternator. Mine,all three wires have battery voltage. The engine shakes. When I unplug it, it runs smooth. One wire should have battery voltage,right ? The other two wires are for what use ? Can you tell me ? Thank you

John Mathias: Now I know what a voltage regulator does. It energises the rotor coil to produce a magnetic field which in turn produces the charging current when the alternator turns. Remember Flemmings right hand rule. When a conductor moves through a magnetic field a voltage is produced across that conductor and hence a current if the conductor is part of a circuit.

scart78: Nothing about current readings. Voltage regulator might be defective and putting out low amperage and still you have 14 V but not enough to charge the battery.

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